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Model VP7206-48M405

DC Input Power 48 VDC 20%, maximum 75W average input power
Input Signal Maximum input signal range of 15 VDC
Input Impedance 33K resistive loading
Input Coupling DC coupled input to output
Output Polarity Non inverting output voltage
Output Voltage Range 0 VDC to 400 VDC maximum range
Output Current Peak output current is 200 mA at 400 VDC
Output Power Peak power is 80W, average output power is 15W
Output Voltage Gain Output to input gain is 100
Output Bias Voltage Bias voltage is 200 VDC with 0 VDC input
Output Slew Rate 400 V per ms with 300 VPP output
Output Frequency Response 1100 Hz for loads up to 0.2MF, 300 VPP output
Output Frequency Response 400 Hz for a 1MF load, 300 VPP output
Output Frequency Response 40 Hz For a 10MF Load, 300 VPP output
Output Impedance Less than 10 Ohms
Output Noise Maximum 25 mVRMS with 1MF load
Output Overload Protection Current limited with short circuit and thermal protection
Efficiency Static efficiency is approximately 70%
Temperature Range 0C to 50C, for full output power
Outline Size 2.50 in. width x 4.00 in. length x 1.25 in. height
Weight 7 Ounces
RoHS Compliance RoHS-5, fully compliant version available
Construction Open frame with aluminum chassis and optional cover


Low Price      Efficient      Requires No Power Supply     Fully Customizable      Ultra Small Size