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About VIP

Our engineering, manufacturing and sales offices are all located in Marlboro, Massachusetts, at our Brigham Street facility. Visit www.vikingindustrialproducts.com for an overview of our RingMaster products. Many of our models are UL, CSA, and TUV approved.

Please read our mission statement and capabilities profile below to learn more about our company.




Our Mission

Our mission is to leverage our years of design and manufacturing experience in specialty power products, to serve the piezoelectric amplifier and driver markets. We will offer low pricing for reliable high performance products to differentiate our service from our competitors. We will satisfy our customers in every possible way.



Capabilities Profile

The continued success of our engineering oriented company is due to our in-house capability to control all stages of the manufacturing process. Our skilled work teams use proven practices in all aspects of day to day design and manufacturing operations.

Our veteran design team uses up-to-date software and validated circuits, combined with established processes for component selection, component derating and ease of manufacture. With these procedures in place, hundreds of standard and custom products have been developed by VIP, and tens of thousands of resulting products remain in continued reliable operation.

The manufacturing teams have put in place automated equipment and a variety of fixtures to simplify assembly, inspection and test. All operations have process control procedures, and inspection lists for each step are provided by quality control, so that every unit is thoroughly inspected. Engineering provides test procedures for components, subassemblies and final test so that every unit is thoroughly tested.

VIP is a proven OEM company focusing on piezoelectric amplifiers and dedicated to customer satisfaction with products that are produced with quality and reliability. Cost savings goals are constantly maintained and passed on to our customers.

Conflict Materials Policy

Conflict minerals refers to the 3TG minerals mined in the Democratic Republic of the Congo or adjoining countries where the proceeds of certain natural resources are used to support human rights abuses and armed conflict. The 3TG minerals identified as conflict materials are tantalum, tungsten, tin and gold. It is Viking Industrial Products' policy to exclude from all of Viking's products those 3TG minerals sourced as conflict materials and to purchase components from those manufacturers that also have a conflict minerals policy in place. Viking has no known uses of tungsten in our products. Viking uses minimal amounts of tantalum that is contained in capacitors. Viking uses two source manufacturers of tantalum capacitors that have conflict mineral policies in place. Viking uses gold that is contained in some connectors, switches and printed circuit boards. Most of our source manufactures for these items have conflict minerals policies in place. Viking is requesting the remaining manufacturers' policy information. Many of Viking's products contain tin as it is the primary finish for component leads. Viking purchases components only from well established national manufacturers. It is expected that these manufacturers have conflict mineral policies. In order to exercise due diligence, Viking has verified that policies are in place for some of these manufacturers.


Low Price      Efficient      Requires No Power Supply     Fully Customizable      Ultra Small Size