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Press Release

Powerful New Low Cost Piezo Amplifier

The VP7206 family of high voltage amplifiers is introduced by Viking Industrial Products to meet customer needs for low cost and small size in piezo positioning, piezo scanning and piezo controller applications. The advanced design of this amplifier simplifies the high voltage amplification and requires no external high voltage power supply.

The VP7206 amplifier features output voltages up to 800V, high peak power of 150 Watts and 70% efficiency in a package about the size of a deck of cards. It is so small and inexpensive that it can be used for open loop piezo driver applications as well as closed loop piezoelectric amplifier applications.

The pricing for this amplifier starts at $380.00 ($132.00 per unit for orders over 1000) (U.S.) in production for the basic amplifier with open frame packaging. Various other packaging options, add flexibility with minimum additional cost.

PiezoMaster has been chosen by Fermi Lab for next particle accelerator for many applications including laser tuning, beam deformation and cryo cavities. View the test results of Fermi Labís evaluation of our standard VP7206 amplifier at http://lss.fnal.gov/archive/test-tm/2000/fermilab-tm-2454-td.pdf

PiezoMaster announces new low noise, linear amplifier for high frequency applications. Model VP7210 is rated up to 240 mA +600/-600 vdc is the customizable voltage range. Frequency range is up to 20 kHz depending on amount of capacitive load. Higher voltages and frequencies (100 kHz, 250 kHz, MHz) available as custom designed units, extended lead times may apply. Price range is $490.00 to $1050.00 for up to 3-channel units.

PiezoMaster chosen by Sandia, Nasa, Argonne and many SBIR and Darpa programs for applications such as Remote Sensing, Structural Health Monitoring and Non-Destructive testing.

Many aerospace companies choose PiezoMaster for drag reduction, flow control and de-icing of aircraft and helicopters.

MIT, Yale, Harvard, Boeing, USAFRL, US Army, Caltec, Northwestern, 3M, Gentex, ABS Global are just some of our regular customers.

Delivery is from stock to 4 weeks.

 For further information, contact Doug Doyle at 508-481-4600 or DDoyle@piezomaster.com.


Low Price      Efficient      Requires No Power Supply     Fully Customizable      Ultra Small Size