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VP7206 Options


Various options are offered to allow the PiezoMaster amplifier to easily fit into most applications. These options mostly involve connector variations, to allow access from different directions and to allow access to standard internal features.



The standard VP7206 amplifier models have the following features:

Top Access Connectors

Open Frame Construction

J5 Connector Position Empty

RoHS-5 Compliance



Optional features are:

J5 Optional Connector This connector provides access to the shutdown control input and internal 12 VDC power. Up to 30 mA can be used externally from the internal 12V power outputs. These can be used for sensors, preamplifiers or other analog circuits and may eliminate the need for these outputs at the system power supply.

The shutdown control input can be used to turn off the high voltage output with external control. This can provide off time during system startup and settling or provide an interlocking control. If the control input is left open, normal operation results. To shutdown the output, the control pin must be pulled up to at least +2.0 VDC with an internal 150Ω load to common. This can be accomplished with a 680Ω resistor (to the +12 VDC output) held down to common with an external transistor for normal operation.

The J5 connector can be provided as a top access, bottom access or PC mount connector. Refer to the outline drawings for information.



Optional Covers There are two versions of an additional cover that can be added to the basic VP7206 open frame unit. The open ended cover provides added protection but still allows the input and output connectors to be accessed through one end of the amplifier. The full cover provides overall protection when the connectors are accessed from the bottom of the amplifier.



End Access Connectors The input (J1), the output (J4) connectors can be provided as right angle connectors with access from the end of the amplifier. Mating connectors and pin assignments are the same as the standard top access connectors.



Bottom Access Connectors The input (J1), the output (J4) and the optional (J5) connectors can be mounted on the bottom of the amplifier with access through the aluminum housing. Mating connectors are the same as the standard top access connectors. The pin assignments for J1 and J5 are the same as the standard top access connectors. The pin assignments for J4 are reversed for this version. Refer to the specific Outline Drawings for J4 pin assignments.



Printed Circuit Mount Connectors The input (J1), the output (J4) and the optional (J5) connectors can be mounted on the bottom as male headers with 0.025 inch square pins. These protrude through the aluminum housing and can be soldered directly to a PC board. Refer to the specific outline drawing for pin assignments. The header pins are long enough for the VP7206 amplifier to be mounted directly on the PC board or spaced above the board by as much as 0.25 inch.



RoHS Compliance The standard VP7206 amplifier is RoHS-5 compliant with the exemption for lead in solder. As an option, the amplifier can be fully RoHS compliant with no usage of any of the six banned substances.



Evaluation Kit The evaluation kit consists of a set of instructions and a set of mating connectors for J1, J4, and J5. The mating connectors are provided with 6 inch pigtail leads to allow easy connections for test and evaluation.




Low Price      Efficient      Requires No Power Supply     Fully Customizable      Ultra Small Size